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Liebeskind Berlin Accessories Time & Jewel World Of Elegance and Brilliance

The nice thing is that there are so many different services in the stores around the world, but what is different in Liebeskind Berlin is that there are sweeping feelings for publishing or promoting about and it is their brand that attracted me to Liebeskind Berlin.

So let’s Discover now – Liebeskind Berlin In the Amazon store

Beginning of the story:

The history of Liebeskind Berlin began in 2003 with the vision of a brand that should be like the city from which it comes: casual, authentic, unconventional. A leather handbag marked the starting point and wore the feeling of life into the world. Since 2015 a watch and jewellery collection has expanded the portfolio. The focus is always the quality: Each design is made from the finest materials carefully and with a high quality. Only the look changes: it is always on the pulse of time – just like Berlin itself.

The Beauty Inspired by the lightness, individuality and the endless possibilities of a city like Berlin, the Liebeskind Time & Jewel collection follows a clear language of form. Delicate lines and a timeless design characterise every piece of jewellery.

Easy change system: Minimalist times, edgy: Stylish watches add a special touch to any outfit. With Liebeskind Berlin easy change system you can adapt your watches to the outfit at any time. Change the bands together and complete your look with a unique Liebeskind Berlin watch.

Time: Do what you want when you want – this is Berlin. Discover the minimalist women’s watches from Liebeskind Berlin so that you are always on time. Super modern and flat watches style with your layering look with the Liebeskind Berlin bracelets for individual highlight.

JEWEL: Elegant stud earrings, gold bangles with glamour factor or fine necklaces: Discover the many sides of our urban jewellery. Combine necklaces, earrings and bracelets as you like your outfit best. Change your style as independently as it can only Berlin.

Additional details


Liebeskind Berlin uses high-quality stainless steel, which is considered biologically harmless, so that the risk of allergies and skin irritation is also very low. We use naturally produced leather materials alongside stainless steel.


The leather is refined by hand during production. This ensures the unique and exclusive look of our products. Possible irregularities of the material (such as colour, surface) are deliberate and a sign of quality and authenticity.


Highlight your outfit or make your favourite girl Berlin jewellery an absolute highlight. Our different designs can be combined great, but also as a modern basics meet all the requirements to become your favourite pieces.

Enjoy the beauty of sparkling products and the brand that adds an imprint of luxury.

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